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From intrigued I became enchanted with this dish and then, dare I say it, obsessed. You can taste the meadow. I step into a room whose air is thick with the powder of reddish earth. From the cauldron of centuries, cassoulet has survived. They are key to the magical symbiosis that binds beans and flesh. Annales du Midi (in French). Today, its plump presence on our tables fosters conviviality with a soupcon of nostalgia. Le

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Puits du Tresor 21 Route des 4 Chateaux, Lastours m Offers simple French cuisine.

47 (January 1944. Cafe/bar, but the cassoulet (for four people minimum) needs to be ordered at least three days in advance. Bernard de Caux, or in, latin, bernardo or, bernardus de Caucio, birth date not known, a died in, agen on 26 November 1252, was a Dominican friar and medieval inquisitor. Jean-Pierre Blasco, chef and owner at Auberge des Lices, offers cooking classes on Tuesdays at his restaurant in Carcassonne. Who knew this lunch would change my life? Grandma Aurélies recipe, quips this white-haired chef, whose girth matches the cassoles.

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  • Carcassonne is the logical first stop.
  • 1851 Route de Labastide, Mas-Saintes-Puelles.
  • French cassoulet: An obsession boils over.
  • Seated for lunch at the Chateau.
  • Is a food and travel writer based in New.

New York Babes.

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Hotel du Pont Levis : 40 Chemin des Anglais, Carcassonne;. Chicago: Society of American Archivists. That way, I exist a bit. The Washington Post, if You. "The Inquisitor as Archivist, or Surprise, Fear, and Ruthless Efficiency in the Archives". My final stop is Emile, in Toulouse, where the menu reads: Franciss Cassoulet. Few tourists here, but the salmon-tinted dining room is full, and the portions are definitely fit for an emperor perhaps his army. We are sitting outdoors, just across from the towering chateau, and while we dig in, visitors walk by, stare and sniff. Specialties include fish, seafood and cassoulet. Deep during the Hundred Years War, Chef Rodriguez says, the English army was about to launch the final assault around Castelnaudary.