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Project Presentation

The Winenvironment European project comes from the involvement of wine industry stakeholders into sustainable development which aims to a coherent and long-term viable balance between economy, social and environment. Indeed, aware of the wine industry environmental impact and facing the rise in water, energies and wastes treatment’s prices, wine industry actors determined an objective: reducing the wine industry environmental impact while promoting its business competitiveness.
The project demonstrates ecological innovative techniques and an environmental methodology for vine cultivation and wine production which will contribute to the saving of the environment. Indeed, 3 eco-innovations tools are tested in 16 cellars: a specific environmental management system, “Qualenvi”, developed and implemented by the Vignerons Indépendants de France (VIF), a product recovery system technique developed by INOXPA, and an innovative filtration technology by BEGEROW.
The 12 European partners involved in the project chose to evaluate these eco-innovations focusing on 3 environmental criteria: water consumption, energy consumption (electricity, fuel and gas) and wastes production. Besides, a fourth criterion is taken into account: an increase of the competitivity to the winegrowers due to a decrease of their production expenses and an improvement of their management.

If you are interested by the technologies and methodology tested within the WINENVIRONMENT project, please contact our helpdesks:

Main objectives

Decrease water use

Increase wastes recycling

Decrease energy use

Lower the use of pesticides

Increase competitivity

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